Martin Schreiber 26 February 2024

10 reasons why you should consider integrating an Azure cloud-based platform for your ground handling operations management

Aviation industry is not quite out of the woods yet, but there are signs of recovery. Airports, airlines, and ground operations service providers are already working on the next challenges that they need to address. But how can they be sure to be ready to handle efficiently this 'expected' big return to activity with the start up again of international traffic flows and the surge of a high level of passengers.

Cloud-based platforms such as Wiseleap allow you to manage your ground handling operations the easiest way possible while ensuring flexibility, cost-efficiency, automatic upgrades and updates, quick deployment capabilities, and enhanced security.

Here are 10 advantages of integrating an Azure cloud-based solution:

1. Centralize all your ground handling operations

A cloud-based solution allows you to consolidate all your applications on a single platform, and scale it according to your needs. With its four applications Deicing Manager, Deicing Holdover, Captivo and Ground Handling Manager, the Wiseleap platform centralizes all your ground operations activities. You can centralize all records completed by your employees, contractors, and third-party servicers on one integrated platform. Entirely cloud-based, the Wiseleap platform allows you to manage and streamline the deicing operations, simplify your holdover time calculation as well as manage your staff training or even integrate one of your existing applications to our cloud platform.

2. Scalable

The excellent value of a cloud-based platform is that it is scalable. This ensures that you’re never stuck with an outdated system that no longer meets your business needs. The cloud allows you to evolve your platform according to your growth rate, to add new applications, new features and to remain future-ready. Azure cloud allows you to build and scale all your applications without constraint to meet your organization’s needs over time.

3. Accessible at anytime from anywhere

A globally distributed workforce can remotely access your applications from a centralized repository, ensuring consistency, and seamless delivery and evaluation of data across geographies. This is especially useful when your data needs to be accessed quickly for a compliance audit, or to monitor operations.

4. Advanced security

With an investment of more than USD1 billion in research and development and 3,500 security experts monitoring to safeguard your data, Azure is the cloud to trust. As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Wiseleap holds the Silver Security Competency. The Silver Competency is offered to companies that demonstrate the highest and most specialized capability and commitment to a specific area of business solutions. Microsoft recognizes companies that earn the Silver Competency for delivering the best solutions to customers and for undertaking a rigorous and verifiable approval process.

5. Streamlined training

Wiseleap cloud-based solution can automate your entire training program, including course delivery, registration, assignments, course completions, and more. Easy to use and user-focused, cloud-based platform facilitate learning by ensuring learners have easy access to training materials from anywhere at their exact point of need. Our Captivo Learning Management System enables you to provide compliance training to your ground staff. Captivo allows you to generate certificates, schedule notifications of alerts when your employees' certifications expire. Captivo generates dynamic, customized reports that allow you to make decisions to improve efficiency.

6. Cost effective

A cloud-based SaaS solution will usually be more cost-effective than an on-premises one. You don’t have to make a significant capital investment to purchase software on day one. The cost is based on your usage metrics, such as users or portals, so you only pay for actual usage of your cloud application. This means that cloud-based solutions are normally more cost-effective in the short term. In the long term, you also don’t have to pay for maintenance, upkeep, and support so you’ll never be charged huge upgrade costs in the future. The Wiseleap cloud platform gives a better understanding and accuracy on how ground handling operations are going. It gives a complete oversight on all deicing, training, and ground handling operations by producing reports on demand. That saves large amount of time and money.

7. Quick to deploy and easy to use

Cloud-based solutions tend to not have a complex and time-consuming installation process. We carefully listen and understand your needs to provide you with an optimal solution. Your platform is built on your terms, and we make sure that everyone has the necessary training to get up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible. The interface is also designed to be as intuitive as possible, and according to your needs, we customize your solution with an appropriate design and the features of your choice.

8. Minimal maintenance

Maintenance of a cloud-based solution is handled by the vendor. Our CloudDevX experts make maintenance their primary focus to ensure that your cloud-based applications are running consistently. This means you get 24/7 customer support for maintenance and troubleshooting of your applications.

9. Mobile friendly

Cloud-based applications allows you to use the software from anywhere and on any device, at any time. Any device that can access your portal web page can be used to access your application. A solution with a responsive design ensures that the user interface responds to the size of the device.

10. Benefit from Microsoft’s technologies

Powered by Emyode, Wiseleap benefits from over 15 years of Microsoft expertise. As one of the top partners in Canada, we evolve with Microsoft to offer you the latest technologies that allow you to improve your business growth. In just 12 months, Azure grew by more than 1,000 new capabilities and is constantly innovating with the latest advancements in areas including AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, virtualization, and databases.

How Wiseleap cloud platform makes ground handling management easy

Wiseleap is a collection of customizable and scalable cloud applications dedicated to streamline your ground operations management.

Hosted on a private, isolated, and secure Azure cloud environment, our cloud platform acts as a hub that allow you to integrate our applications or any other of your existing application to centralize all your information related to ground operations management such as winter operations data or employee training and certifications' tracking.

Contact our experts to get your free demo and find out how Wiseleap will help you streamline your ground operations management.


Martin Schreiber

Martin Schreiber is currently Director of Operations at Wiseleap Solutions. He possesses a comprehensive understanding and extensive experience in the Aviation Industry. Over the last 10 years, he has utilized his expertise focusing on Aircraft Ground Operations.

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