Martin Schreiber 26 February 2024

Back from the 23rd annual GHI Conference- Amsterdam

Post-pandemic recovery gives an opportunity for digitization

We recently returned from the GHI, a much-anticipated gathering of the aviation industry family. Reconnecting in person with our clients has been an absolute pleasure.

The difficulties we currently face and the demand for technological advancement in the aviation industry are confirmed in our discussions with our customers. We are once again on our way back to pre-COVID flight numbers, which puts the aviation industry in a good spot to start making changes and begin adapting. Most notably, Covid has demonstrated the importance and benefits of digitization, and we see how it has forced many aviation companies to rush to modernize and get rid of paper and pen.

This is where digital transformation comes into play as so many businesses today use technology as a way to boost productivity, differentiate themselves from the competition, and enhance overall operations.

With a new push for environmental attention, we also see the importance of being able to measure our environmental impact and do our part in lowering emissions as much as possible. Digitization allows for faster and more reliable analysis of such data making it possible to see how to cut emissions or reduce chemicals such as glycol that act as pollutants.

We were very happy to have connected with representatives from 35 different airlines and ground handlers. Martin Schreiber the director of operations mentions “it is very important to have this opportunity to connect with the aviation family in person, it gives us an opportunity to discuss the challenges and gasps in our industry.”

Our conversations reinforced the trends that we have been seeing; There are numerous technological gaps in ground operations and at the airline level among ground handlers, including the following:

  • The inability to effectively coordinate and respond quickly to irregular activities due to a lack of real-time awareness and transparency of ground operations, it is hard to go back and track the billing and services for airline and ground handlers. 
  • When data is not recorded or incorrectly added, it translates into incorrect billing leading to losses in revenue.
  • The potential to increase turnaround time and other KPIs is hampered by a lack of trustworthy operational data and dashboards.

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Using the Wiseleap Cloud Platform, technology may be used to enhance ground handling operations management.


Technology is necessary for progress, as seen by the technological and outsourcing situation. To help these businesses thrive in their digital transformation and address these issues in order to increase efficiency, we created the Wiseleap platform.

You may consolidate all of your activities, including ground handling, deicing, training, and holdover time calculation, using the Wiseleap platform.

Wiseleap's platform is totally cloud-based and available 24/7 from any location. Users can be located anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection and a laptop, smartphone, or tablet to view the data.

The Wiseleap Cloud Platform can be expected to provide:

  • Decrease aircraft turnaround times and improve practices.
  • Compare one station to another to determine ways to improve
  • Continuous operational improvement through increased agility made possible by rigorous analytics and report
  • Real-time data, orchestration, and communications tools enable speedy response.
  • Be prepared for audits at all 


Wiseleap offers a number of time- and money-saving capabilities that guarantee complete transparency of your actions and data, including:

  • Data capture
  • Orchestration
  • Analytics and reports
  • Dashboards
  • Communication between all the stakeholders 


How Wiseleap helps airlines and ground handlers on their journey toward digitization

We've seen that the leaders in the aviation sector have already started their digitalization journeys, but for many, it is still inefficient and unfinished.

Wiseleap offers application modernization and Azure cloud migration to businesses that have begun their digitalization journey but still need to update their system in order to expand as their demands evolve.

According to Emyode's experience, executive sponsorship of workshops to jointly assess demands and technological gaps and establish the best course of action for each customer is essential to a successful transformation.
We are eager to continue our conversations with you and support you as you carry out your digital transformation project.

It is crucial that there is sponsorship for a digital transition to succeed. We collaborate to develop a roadmap and define your project in accordance with your needs.

Ready to take the next steps and go digital? 


We would like to express our gratitude to all of the delegates who we had the opportunity to interact with during the GHI conference in Amsterdam. We were able to clearly see how crucial it was for us to reconnect in person.

In order to fulfill your growth needs, we look forward to following up on our conversations with you and offering you the best option.

We're still available if you have any questions. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or request a free demo.

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